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Welcome To Our Patient Portal. Some important information you need to be a aware of:

  1. We need your email address to send you instructions on how to use the Patient Portal. If you have not given this to us, please call the office so we may get the email on your account.
  2. Once we have your email, we will send you instructions on logging into the Patient Portal.
  3. You will need to log into the Patient Portal using the computer generated security code (listed on the instructions) in order to setup your own user name and password. Once you have logged in with this security code you will be instructed to set up your own user name and password, which you will use for future visits to the Patient Portal. You are now ready to start. 

Patients who have never logged into the Patient Portal:

Patients who have logged into the Patient Portal:

Patients who need to reset their user name and password will need to contact the office for a new security code. 

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